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Having new carpet installed in your home or business is an exciting time. Very few improvements can come close to matching the thrill of having new flooring installed in either a single room or throughout the home or office. At NJ Carpet Outlet, we have a wonderful selection of carpeting, at prices that will please, and ready to be installed.

Mohawk Carpet

One of our top brands is Mohawk Industries. They have been producing top-quality flooring systems for decades. This is a brand name company that is known the world over, and trusted by millions of people. For high-quality carpet, Mohawk has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best lines and fiber brands on the market. These include the popular PermaStrand™ and Wear-Dated SoftTouch fiber brands. So, what makes Mohawk carpeting so popular, and what is it about these carpeting systems that make them so special?

To begin with, Mohawk carpeting is manufactured to be very easy to clean and maintain. With a superior level of stain-resistance, these carpet systems are perfect for busy families that have active kids or pets. They are also great options for busy offices where lots of foot traffic is expected. We carry both residential and commercial lines of carpet, so everyone in the Hazlet, NJ area can have the best carpet systems on the market.

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Affordable carpet systems

In these economic times, both homeowners and business owners want to find great deals for their new flooring. No one wants to pay more than they have to for new carpet, or other types of flooring. We work very hard to keep our prices as low as possible. Our customers appreciate this, and we carry these low prices over to our installation services as well.

If you are thinking of new carpet, come by and see us at the NJ Carpet Outlet showroom and let us show you the latest lines in carpet flooring. We will be pleased to show you why carpet is such a great option for anyone who needs new flooring.