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For a flooring installation that lets your floors shine through. When your friends see your new floor, that's just what you want them to see, the beautiful materials showcased in your home. NJ Carpet Outlet's installation professionals deliver your perfect floor that you'll enjoy now and for years to come. All our installation work is warrantied and performed up to manufacturer standards so your product guarantees will be valid.

Before your installation begins

Up to a week before installation day, your flooring materials will be delivered to your home so they can acclimatize. This is important because you need to have your flooring at the temperature of your household. If you bring in cold hardwood and nail to the subfloor, you'll likely get cracks and distortion as the wood expands in your heated house. You'll need to arrange to have furniture and appliances removed from the project's area.



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Let the installation professionals do what they do best

Our installation crews are licensed and insured. This is what they do full-time, they're not moonlighting. They stand by their work and know that the job is not finished until you are satisfied.

What to expect from an installation

  • Even though your floor has been measured before, we will measure it again and make sure the estimated measurements are correct.
  • The installers will check all of the flooring to make sure every piece is perfect. They will set up a work area separate from where the flooring is going down, they'll need cover overhead and access to electrical outlets.
  • Children and pets need to keep out of the work areas for everyone's safety. The installers will remove any items left in their way.
  • Once the installation is finished, the installer will clean up the site and ask you to inspect your new floor.
  • You may have to wait a few days for your floor to cure enough to move your furniture and appliances back in.
Flooring installation in Hazlet, NJ from NJ Carpet Outlet

NJ Carpet Outlet offers service and satisfaction for every installation

We realize that having the sales, measuring and installation teams in your house is an intrusion. We tread lightly and schedule all our appointment at your convenience.

Visit NJ Carpet Outlet in Hazlet. We also serve the Aberdeen Township, Keyport, Union Beach and Middletown areas. Feel free to call us at (732) 993-3139 and we can talk about flooring and your requirements. Don't forget when you're looking at our portfolio of flooring installation, you're admiring the floor, not the technique.