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Hardwood flooring FAQs that matter to you

When only wood floors will do for your home, it’s essential to ensure the best match for your requirements, whatever they might be. Choosing the best options is easy once you consider only those products that will meet your needs, but we know you might have questions that need answers. Read along with today’s list of frequently asked questions to see if your answer is there.

What species are available in hardwood flooring?

There are vast options when it comes to choosing the perfect species for your home. Each one has specific attributes that make some better for your spaces than others. Oak flooring is one of the most popular, giving you extensive durability, outstanding stain color, and an excellent lifespan.

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Can I install hardwood in my basement?

Solid hardwood can never be installed below grade, but engineered flooring is a perfect option for this and many other areas of your home. In basement areas, the relative humidity must be gauged to maintain manufacturer specifications, and we can give you all the details when you choose a floor covering. There are always great options available in this flooring line for any room.

What is the best sealant for my hardwood floor?

Sealants offer great variety, with specific types for your intended results. For instance, if you are looking for durability, an aluminum oxide sealant is a great choice, while basement floors work well with water-based polyurethane. Oil-based polyurethane is a superb option for high-traffic areas, and children’s rooms will benefit most from moisture-cured urethane.
Hardwood flooring FAQ in Red Bank, NJ from NJ Carpet Outlet

How long does hardwood installation take?

There is no precise answer for this question, as many factors go into an installation. Time will vary based on the size of your entire project, how large your rooms are, and whether you have requested a specialty installation, such as herringbone or chevron styles. We must also factor in the acclimation period, which can take from one to three days or more, but your flooring professional will discuss your specific details when you purchase your flooring.

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