In-home measurements


NJ Carpet Outlet provides in-home measurements

Professional in-home measurement takes the guesswork out of your flooring. There's a fine line between ordering enough flooring and being caught short by a couple of square feet, in-home measurements by a professional keep you on the safe side of that line. Proper measuring is the basis for developing a design and a successful installation. Our measuring experts will schedule their appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

An in-home measurement appointment includes

In-home measurement is necessary so we can accurately order material and quote your job. You can expect that the appointment will include:

  • Measuring the area receiving new flooring
  • Check for damage, dampness and levelness
  • Address any special installation requirements for carpet, area rugs, hardwood, ceramic and porcelain tile and laminate
  • Create a floor plan so placing joins, seams and direction of nap can be determined

In addition to figuring out the amount of materials needed, the plans for an installation based on the measurements may require that extra material be ordered for custom cuts.

During your appointment you can point out some other services you might need – furniture removal, floor disposal – so you will know if there are any charges associated with the service.



We're here to help

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Professional service & advice, mainstay of in-home measurement

Our experts are licensed and trained to record professional measurements and provide suggestions for making remodeling easier. Your measurement tech will be able to help you decide where the installers' work area will be, where the flooring materials can be stored to acclimate, and answer questions about the installation.

You might think that because you have a yardstick you can do the measuring for your flooring. Please let us do it, the last thing you need is a 10' shortfall in materials because of an odd measurement. The old proverb, Measure twice, cut once, has great merit.

If you are in Hazlet, Aberdeen Township, Keyport, Union Beach or Middletown, and need new flooring please contact us at (732) 993-3139. Don't forget when you're looking at our portfolio, you're seeing flooring where the in-home measurement appointment was done correctly.